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​​Jeffrina Udachia, Tarot Card Reader

​Rise Your Soul

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"We are Souls, who have incarnated to learn, grow, fulfill our purpose, and rise to a higher level."

​~ Jeffrina Udachia

Why Should I **Learn Tarot Card Reading** 

Sometimes we are faced by life's changellenges and might need to understand why this is happening and what can be done about it. By learning Tarot Cards, we can not only answer these questions and find solutions for ourselves, but also for our friends, loved ones and anyone in need. It also helps in ones Self-improvisation and Self-Development. Tarot is one of those Divine Modalities, which can help us tap into our subconscious mind, and bring useful information to surface.    

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Learning Tarot Cards

Course Type: Tarot Learning Course 

Course Duration: 2 days 

Topics Covered:

Day 1:

  • Tarot History
  • What is Tarot and how does it benefit us
  • Tarot Deck Care/Cleansing/Energizing/Programming
  • Environment & Accessories for Focused Tarot Readings
  • ​Tarot Deck Division 
  • Tarot Card Meanings of Major & Minor Arcana

Day 2:

  • Continuation of Minor Arcana Card Meaning
  • Group Activities to get familiar with the cards 
  • Recap on Tarot Cards Meanings
  • How to Frame Tarot Questions and Shuffling Techniques 
  • Types of Tarot Spreads
  • ​Practice Session and Demo Tarot Readings 

Key Takeaways:

  • Get the ORIGINAL RIDER WAITE Tarot Deck absolutely free
  • Get printed Notes
  • Get a Certificate after the completion of the course
  • Secret Gift which will keep your Tarot Deck protected and will help you experience High Vibration Tarot Readings