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​​Jeffrina Udachia, Tarot Card Reader

​Rise Your Soul

"We are Souls, who have incarnated to learn, grow, fulfill our purpose, and rise to a higher level."

​~ Jeffrina Udachia

Payment Options for Distance Tarot Reading: 

  • NEFT (Online Fund Transfer)
  • Direct Deposit in our bank account  

Bank account details will be provided upon appointment confirmation.  

If you wish to **Book A Tarot Card Reading** with Jeffrina Udachia, or would like to **Learn Tarot Card Reading** and have questions around how to register for the 'Basic Tarot Course for Beginners', please call, send us an email, or fill out the 'Contact Us' form. 

Regardless of the communication channel you choose, Jeffrina Udachia will revert at her earliest convenience. 

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