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"We are Souls, who have incarnated to learn, grow, fulfill our purpose, and rise to a higher level."

​~ Jeffrina Udachia

Jeffrina holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from the University of Mumbai, India. She did a few office jobs, and also flew with an airline for many years before her marriage, but as they say, when the Soul yearns to get on its chosen path, it will make its way through anything. Now married and living in Pune, India, Jeffrina believes that along with the multiple roles she plays, as a wife, mother, daughter, etc., she also has a higher purpose, which involves being of service to humanity in some shape or form. 

'Rise Your Soul' (www.riseyoursoul.com) is a result of Jeffrina Udachia's desire to use her ability to read Tarot cards, and help bring to surface useful information form ones subconscious mind, and ultimately help one in their Soul's journey. It is needless to say, that when the Soul is on its chosen path, the outer experience as a physical being, is also very pleasant. This is true because the outer experience is only a reflection of our inner state of being. 

Jeffrina Udachia feels obligated to educate humanity, that each and every one of us are fully capable of tapping into our own subconscious mind, without the need of a medium. That said, sometimes our perceived problems can feel so overwhelming, that we feel detached from our own natural abilities. That's when Tarot can certainly help do the work for us very effectively. Tarot can definitely give guidance and create pathways, however the ultimately outcome of what one desires, totally depends on ones own lifestyle, ability to handle situations and facing life's challenges, and above all, his/her own free will.                  

​It was almost as if, The Universe had a plan, and created the necessary environment for Jeffrina to get on her Soul's chosen path. Here at the age of 17, she began her life long journey and commitment with Tarot. She started spending hours reading tarot books and practicing various types of Tarot spreads for almost 2 years. Before she could even realize, she had tapped into her own intuition, and had developed a deep sense of inner knowing, which helped her profoundly during readings. This was the time, when her Tarot cards reveled to her, that her connection to Tarot and other divination techniques, was not just of this lifetime, but of many previous lifetimes.



About Jeffrina Udachia

Since her school days, Jeffrina Udachia was naturally drawn towards the art of Divination, and would read numerious books related to the topic. She would literally spend hours, studying these books during her vacations. Seeing Jeffrina's natural inclination, one day her father surprised her with the Rider Waite deck of Tarot Cards. 

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​​Jeffrina Udachia, Tarot Card Reader