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What is Tarot?

​Tarot mirrors our subconscious mind, where all our truths lie, and aids in bringing useful information to our conscious awareness. Tarot creates pathways, gives guidance, motivates, and makes a world of a difference to the way we view our life and deal with its challenges.
It is one of the best tools for self-improvement & self-development. Tarot provides an opportunity to bring fresh insights, which can help us make better choices and live a Guided, Peaceful and more Fulfilling Life.

Why do **I NEED** a Tarot Card reading?

  • Feeling stuck or directionless.
  • Starting out on a new project/phase.
  • ​Considering a major decision. 
  • Wish to gain insight into specific areas of life, such as, health, relationships, career, etc.

In Person/Distance Tarot Reading possible 


Our existence here on the earth plane is no coincidence, but a conscious choice made by us at a Soul level, so that we could learn certain lessons, grow, fulfill our Soul's mission, and spiritually rise to a higher level. Our conscious mind does not have the memory of this fact, but the subconscious mind, which is our spiritual mind, does. Not only does it have the memory of this fact, but also has all the answers that we seek, which can guide us in our journey. To tap into the subconscious mind is the key to living a Guided and Peaceful Life. 

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​​Jeffrina Udachia, Tarot Card Reader

"We are Souls, who have incarnated to learn, grow, fulfill our purpose, and rise to a higher level."

​~ Jeffrina Udachia

We are made in the likeness and image of God, and are meant to live a peaceful and joyful life. If for some reason this definition does not match our current life experience, it is only because of the choices we have made in the past.

The knowledge of the inner world brings us outer happiness.